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Candor Packaging is an expression of honesty and sincerity

One question that comes to mind when you read about us. What the company is and what its goals are? So, I am going to answer this basic question. Our name shows that candor packaging is a packaging company that provides custom packaging supplies to small and large businesses. If we are talking about custom packaging another question is arises, what exactly are custom packaging supplies? Packaging supplies simply means boxes and bags. Custom packaging means you can customize boxes and bags where you can have your logo printed on them. In addition, we make some card products that use in business for advertisement. Now I am going towards our goals. Our aim is to reach the heights of our industry and we worked on lots of things for that purpose. Your satisfaction is the most important thing for us. We value quality and the commitments we make. 

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Why prefer Candor Packaging?

Large Scale production

Large Scale Production

Candor Packaging has sufficient resources for manufacturing custom packaging on a wider scale. When cost-cutting is a priority, large-scale production is advantageous.

Hi-tech printing mechanism

Hi-tech Printing Mechanism

To provide the greatest printing results, we employ advanced multi-function printing equipment. These devices provide design precision in terms of color and sharpness.

Free consultation

Free Consultation

We would be delighted to provide you with an unrestricted session at no cost to discuss a variety of essential topics. For example, how do we design and manufacture your packaging?

Prototyping and Sampling


Before moving on with large-scale production, we advise our customer to try prototypes. Samples improve the precision of the final product.

Competitive prices

Competitive Prices

We have affordable charges, and you will only be paid for what you receive. We offer high-quality items at competitive pricing.

Low minimum order quantity

Low Minimum Order

To help small and medium-sized enterprises, we have a low minimum order quantity. It begins with 100 units.

What we have for you

What Candor Packaging Can Provide?

Candor packaging can make available all kinds of custom packaging at your doorstep. Custom packaging includes All boxes that come under Retail boxes, CBD packaging boxes, Cosmetic boxes, Food & boxes, Kraft boxes, gift boxes, Display boxes, oil boxes, metalized boxes, paper bags, non-woven bags card products, sticker labels, and tags. Now, let's talk about what will be given to you at no cost. If your artwork is ready then ok but if not, we will help you with it and we won’t take a single cent from you for that. We will get your products to your doorstep very quickly and candor packaging will also cover its cost. And the other good news for you is that you can now order the minimum number of units. 

Packaging Customization

How we help our clients in Packaging Solutions

We provide all the information which we believe is necessary for the client’s understanding. 

After gathering information about the client's product. We explain how to measure the size of the concerned product. According to the weight and volume of the product, Our professionals advise to the client on which style and material to choose for production. So that packaging looks beautiful and sturdy enough. When the client provides artwork then he/she is provided with all the printing and finishing information. We tell them how and in how many days their package will be delivered to them. Normally, it takes 8- 10 days. 

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If you would like to get a free quotation for any kind of packaging simply, you can put your personal information, and job specification details. Your quote request will be sent out automatically. After receiving your request price quotation sheet will be sent to you on your registered email. If you have any other query, you can contact us directly at info@candorpackaging.com